Andrew Forrer (Bass Guitar)
    Andrew Kay (Keyboards)
    Phil Jones (Guitar / Vocals)
    Brent Parlane (Guitar / Vocals)
    Ron Mahony (Drums)

An Auckland rock group formed around 1974. Beech played predominately in provincial pubs, taking whatever gigs came their way. When Mahony left he was replaced by Donald Bean on drums.

They released one single on the White Cloud label in 1975, "Head For Home"/"Ready To Run".

Brent Parlane had previously released a couple of solo singles. The first in 1972, "I Am A Stranger"/"Running Down" and a year later "I'm Looking Forward To Tonight"/"I'm Depressed". After Beech he released one more single in 1976 "That's The Way It Goes"/"So Many Times" on the White Cloud label, before moving to Australia.


In Australia he was joined by former Beech members Andrew Forrer and Andrew Kay, and they added Dave Cail on drums and Co Tipping on guitar to form a group called 33 South. They released two Polydor singles, one in 1979 "This Time It's Love"/"Something To Believe In" and the other in 1980 called "Mr President"/"Baby Jane". They also had a self-titled album in 1980.

Brent also released a solo EP in 1980 and followed this with an album called "Come On You Guys, This Is Serious" in 1982. He had two more singles, one in 1985, "Jenny Jenny"/"No Serious Problems" and the other in 1992 "Save A Little Love"/"Baby Baby Baby".


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