Grimm Ltd


Known members:
    Donal McKenzie
    Mick Waldegrave
    John Van Der Reyden (Drums)

Grimm Ltd formed in early 1965 in Palmerston North, when five local schoolboys started performing at local dances. The group built up a solid local reputation in a short time under the guidance of manager John Yuile. Disaster struck as the school year came to a close when three of the members left. Replacements were quickly found and it was a stronger line up that quickly re-established themselves. The second version of the group lasted for even less time than the original line up and they broke up as 1966 drew to an end.

The groups drummer, John Van Der Reyden, who would go onto a long career as a sound technician in the film industry, recorded the group's last gig at a local Palmerston North venue, The Nicoberg.

Donal McKenzie and Mick Waldegrave would later surface in a group called Salvation.

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