Fidelity Recordings

1960 - 1961

Fidelity Recordings was a small Christchurch based label.

FR1003 is an EP by Derrty's Brass Band and FR1005 is also an EP by Addington Workshops Brass Band.

FR1001, FR1006, FR1007 & FR1009 are unknown.


FR1002          1960

Pipe Major W Boyle and the NZ Scottish Regt. RNZAC

A: Pipes And Drums
B: Pipes And Drums

FR1004          1960

Christchurch Girls' High School Senior Choir

A: Ceremony Of Carols
B: Ceremony Of Carols

FR1008          1961

The Beach Combers

A: Portugal
B: Lovely Hula Hands


A: Featuring Murray Charteris & Clarrie Light
B: Vocal Kathy Logan

FR1010          1961

Ray Boyd And Seventeen People

A: When The Wheels Won't Go
B: Miss Me



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