Joe Brown

1960 - 1975


Joe Brown was a Dunedin promoter, best known for the Miss New Zealand contests. Joe Brown also ran a number of talent quests like "Search For The Stars' Quest". He established his own record label to release records by the stars he found. The majority of his releases were by John Hore and Eddie Low. The Joe Brown label was distributed by His Masterís Voice in the 1960s but moved to RCA in the 1970s after a brief spell of self-distribution.


 JB. 101          1960

Trevor Wheeler And The Golden Aces

A: It's Now Or Never
B: Please Don't Tease
JB. 102          1962

Miss Maureen Kingi

A: Now Is The Hour
Po Kare Kare

JB. 103          1964

John Hore

A: Mary Ann Regrets
B: Big Man In A Big House


JB. 104          1964

John Hore

A: Streets Of Laredo
B: Mister In-Between

JB. 105          1964


JB. 106          1964

Allan Morrison With The Miracles

A: The Hitch Hiker
B: Moon In The Sky

JB. 107          1964

John Hore

A: She Taught Me How To Yodel
B: Tongue-Tied Smith

JB. 108          1964

John Hore

A: A Letter Edged In Black
B: A Rollin' Stone

JB. 109          1964

John Hore

A: Beggin' To You
B: Everglades

JB. 110          1964

John Hore

A: Come On Home Boy
B: Cool Water

JB. 111          1965

John Hore

A: Followed Closely By My Teardrops
B: Telephone To Glory


JB. 112          1965

John Hore

A: Second Hand Rose
B: Pearly Shells

JB. 113          1965

John Hore

A: What's He Doing In My World
B: My Voice Keeps Changing On Me

JB. 114          1965

John Hore

A: Jenny Lou
B: Do What You Do Do Well

JB. 115          1965

John Hore

A: My Heart Skipped A Beat
B: Mountain Of Love

JB. 116          1965

John Hore

A: Mary's No Longer Mine
B: Fool Never Learns

JB. 117          1966

John Hore

A: Private John Hore
B: Half As Much

JB. 118          1966

John Hore

A: Four Strong Winds
B: Lonely Shepherd Boy


JB. 119          1966

John Hore and Paul Walden

A: World Full Of Women
B: Gonna Ring Santa In The Morning

JB. 120         1966

John Hore

A: Love Knot In My Lariet
B: Hello Trouble

JB. 121         1966

John Hore and Paul Walden

A: Santa Is Crying Tonight
B: Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy

JB. 122          1966

John Hore

A: John Mason Whitney III
B: Lonesome 77203


The original label had James instead of John. It was corrected and re-issued.

JB. 123          1967


JB. 124          1967


JB. 125          1967


JB. 126          1967

John Hore

A: Almost Persuaded
B: Big City Slicker

JB. 127          1967

John Hore

A: Dancing With My Shadow
B: The Shoe Goes On The Other Foot


The record was originally released without the artist's name on the label.

This was later corrected, but at the same time, the A & B sides were reversed. (See below).

JB. 128          1967

John Hore

A: Oh, Viriginnia
B: Marvellous Toy

JB. 129          1967

John Hore

A: When It's Over
B: Dusty Winds

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