Lynne Pike

Lynne Pike was a pop singer from Wellington who was around for a short time at the end of the sixties. She taught herself to play guitar at the age of 12, and by age 13, appeared in public for the first time at Auckland's Shiralee nightclub, backed by Ray Columbus & The Invaders in 1965. After that her style turned from pop to folk. She became a regular performer at Auckland's Poles Apart Folk Club. For the next two years Lynne built up a formidable reputation on the burgeoning local folk scene. As Lynne's popularity increased, so did the need to extend her repertoire, which led her to writing her own songs.

In 1969, her manager Curly Del Monte arranged for Lynne to record some of her new original material. Her first single "Trying To Win" quickly went missing in action. While her next three singles quickly bought Lynne to everyone's attention. After four singles in a year Lynne retreated from the music scene to concentrate on her song writing. 

 She recorded four singles on the Phread label, two in 1969 and two in 1970. They were "Trying To Win"/"Sweet Loving Baby", "Colour Of Crimson"/"Steal It", "Given Time"/"See You Later Baby Blues" and "I Think I Just Lost Out"/"I Shall Be Released".


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