Moving Folk


    Susan Norton
    Colin Speir
    Hugh Milloy
    Graeme Field

The Moving Folk (1969): L to R: Graeme Field, Colin Speir, Susan Norton and Hugh Milloy

The Moving Folk were a folk group who originated from the Upper Hutt, just north of Wellington, in 1969.

They released an album called "Directions" and a self-titled EP in 1970 for the Kiwi label, before switching and becoming one of the very early signings for the Ode label. For Ode they released their second album called "This World Goes 'Round and 'Round", also in 1970 and from this came four singles over the next year, along with the group's second EP, also self-titled, which contained four songs from the album. The group released one more EP called Lullaby" in 1971 from which another single was issued.


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