Phil Jacobs Combo


    Darryl Jacobs (Drums)
    Milton Parker (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
    Phil Saunders (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
    Phil Jacobs (Vocals)

A Wellington blues band, around from 1967 to 1968. With the wide range of blue songs they played, they found it hard to get regular gigs on the club circuit. Undeterred, they set up their own venue and for about a year they entertained pure blues fans.

By 1968, Phil Saunders had left, and he was replaced by George Limbidis on bass guitar. With his influence, they started playing more in the style of the Rolling Stones and Yardbirds. This lost them their blues fans, but gained them an even bigger audience.

By late 1968, they were joined by Murray Partridge on guitar. In 1969 they changed their name to Freshwater and moved to Sydney, Australia.



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