Ronnie Sundin

Ronnie Sundin was one of New Zealand's first teen idols. He was still at school in 1959 when Viking Records released his first single in September.

Ronnie was backed by Will Jess and His Jesters on the recording. Will Jess and His Jesters was actually Bill Sevesi and his band. The record sold exceptionally well and at 16 years old, Viking had a star on their hands. In 1960 he had left school and was now a full time musician.

On January 24, 1960 Ronnie appeared at a concert at Western Springs that included the Howard Morrison Quartet and the Keil Isles. Viking seized the moment and released a string of singles, an EP and an album.


Bill Sevesi discovered Ronnie. He lived across the road from him and he heard singing and rehearsing with his band. He decided to put him out front as vocalist for his own Jesters.

Ronnie Sundin with Bill Sevesi and his band, circa 1960

Viking toured Ronnie around the North Island, but it was all too much for him. He was mobbed wherever he went. Big things were planned for Ronnie, but that never happened. There were no more recordings.

From 1962 to 1964 he joined the Al Paget Sextet.

Al Paget Sextet, Bayswater 1963 L to R: Jeff Bolton, Ronnie Sundin, Rod Gibson, Val Herdson, unknown, Al Paget and Trevor Salisbury.

After that he faded from the limelight. Ronnie Sundin died peacefully on 9 May 2021.

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