Selected Few


    Peter Robertson (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
    Geoff Dixon (Guitar / Vocals)
    Kevin Pollitt (Bass Guitar)
    Bruce Robertson (Vocals)
    Paul Moynihan (Drums)

The Selected Few were a young Wellington pop group who formed in 1966. Most of its members were still at high school throughout their career. They were regular performers in the Hutt Valley and on the Wellington youth club circuit.

 They released a single, "Get The Picture"/"I Understand" on HMV in 1966. "Get The Picture" was a good cover of the Pretty Things song and was released to cash-in on the then big R&B boom. Their second single in 1967 was "Needle In A Haystack"/"The Other Side Of Life".


The group disbanded in 1968 as a result of parental pressure to get real jobs.

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