Skyrockets : Leo Smith, Peter McKee, Leo Clark & Colin Lock.

    Colin Lock (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
    Leo Clark (Rhythm Guitar / Lead Vocals)
    Leo Smith (Bass Guitar)
    Peter McKee (Drums )

Skyrockets were a Wellington group around from 1959 to 1962. They played regularly at the Rio Grand.

By 1961, Colin's brother John, joined on saxophone, and in 1962, Leo Clark took on the role as lead vocalist. His rhythm guitar was taken over by Maurice Judd. The last change in the group happened shortly before they broke up, when Leo Smith moved to Auckland and his place was taken by Max Hyde.

By the end of 1962 they were no more. Leo Clark and Peter McKee went on to Tony and the Initials. Colin Lock joined the Tornados / Kiwi Four.


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