Supernatural Blues Band

Supernatural Blues Band L to R: Bernard Lee, Vic Troke, Mike Lee, Dave Brown & John O'Connor.

    John O'Connor (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
    Mike Lee (Harmonica / Vocals)
    Bernard Lee (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
    Vic Troke (Drums )
    Dave Brown (Saxophone / Flute)

Supernatural Blues Band were a Wellington group around from 1968 to 1969.

It all began when John O'Connor, Gerard Conroy, Ian Carrig and Vic Troke got together after school to practise. They gained enough confidence to call themselves The Vagabond Union. From here, John put together Steampacket, which consisted of John on drums, Alastair Martin and Gerard Bull on guitars, Chris Seresin on keyboards, and Alaster Fergus on bass.

John then got back with Vic Troke and added Mike and Bernard Lee from the Urchins to form the Supernatural Blues Band. Their aim was to specialise in blues with the intention of experimenting and progressing within the framework of the blues. Later, Dave Brown joined the group on saxophone.

L to R: Vic Troke, Dave Brown, Mike Lee, John O'Connor & Bernard Lee.

After only two performances they were offered the resident spot at the Oracle. Later at the Place, they were voted number one popular group in a poll run by Wellington promoters.

A new record label, Tree, approached the group with a recording contract, and a single was released. This was the first record issued by Tree. Both songs were original compositions.

The two tracks from this single later appeared on an EP called "Blues" in 1972, which also contained songs by Gutbucket.

Vic Troke decided to move on and was replaced by Peter Stroud. By July 1969 they decided to call it quits.

John joined forces with Tom Swainson and Neil Hannan in the early seventies as Olibet which, with changes in members, evolved into Mephisto and they headed to the UK. Upon their return from the UK, Redeye was formed.

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