Top Shelf

L to R: Martin Berryman, Murray Barnes, John Harrison, Dave Berryman & Kevin Furey

Original Line-Up:
    Murray Barnes (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals)
    John Harrison (Vocals / Saxophone)
    Kevin Furey (Lead Guitar / Vocals / Trumpet)
    Martin Berryman (Drums)
    Dave Berryman (Bass Guitar)

The Top Shelf were another great band to originate from Wanganui. In early 1969 they relocated to Wellington to take up residency at Ali Baba's Nite Club. The residency lasted about 10 months and during that time they recorded their only single and it was entered into the 1969 Loxene Gold Disc Awards, but didn't make the finals. The single was "Baby The World Really Turns"/"Time Beyond" released on HMV.

Unfortunately, being locked into a residency doesn't allow you time to tour and promote the record, so it only became a hit in Wellington and their home town, Wanganui. When the residency finished in November 1969, the group decided to hit the road, but that coincided with two of the members, Martin and Dave, being called up for compulsory military training, so that put an end to the group's brief existence.

Kevin Furey was the only member to continue in the music industry. He joined Quincy Conserve in 1970.

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