Val Murphy


Val Murphy was a folk singer from Wellington who was contracted to HMV. She released her first album for them in 1965 called "My Way Of Singing". From this came her first single "Until It's Time For You To Go"/"Sail Away Ladies".

A second album called "A Time To Sing" was released in 1966.

Val was back in the studio in 1967 preparing to record another single, but didn't have anyone to do her backing. By chance a new group was in the studio getting ready to launch their career. They were the Avengers and they were called in to provide backing for Val. The single "Lovers Of The World Unite"/"There's A Scarlet River Running" was released under the name Valeria Vengers.

Val only did one other single a couple of years later in 1969 called "Special Rider Blues"/"My Man".

Her association with the Avengers amounted to more than a single, as she also married Clive Cockburn from that group. Together they recorded a single in 1970.

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