Wild Ones

Wild Ones L to R: Ray Bradley, Barry Carr, Barry Bradley and Dennis Keith.

Original Line-Up:
    Barry Carr (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
    Barry Bradley (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals)
    Dennis Keith (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
    Ray Bradley (Drums)

The Wild Ones were from Wellington. They actually started out in 1962 as the Statesmen, with Terry Arnold on lead guitar and Kelvin Hare on rhythm guitar with Dennis and Ray. They played together for about a year and then disbanded. In 1963, Dennis and Ray were back, with the two Barrys, and a new name, the Wild Ones. They performed mainly covers of the Stones, Kinks, Searchers and Beatles. They continued playing together through into 1965.

After a break, they came back in 1966 as the League Of Gentlemen and opted for residencies at the Empress Ballroom and the Majestic Cabaret.

The Wild Ones never recorded.


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