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One Of Every Card


If you wanted to collect just one of every Anritsu card produced, then the following lists will help you achieve that. The only thing you have to decide is, do you just want one of every different face, or do you want to expand a little further.

The first Category list will show you 702 different face cards, ignoring subtleties like font variations, colour variations or minor wording differences. It then shows 13 cards that can be added to include those subtleties. As well as those, there are other faces, but you will find them in the optional Grey Area list. Adding the 13 gives a total of 715 cards.

(1)  One Of Each Face (By Group)

Next, in the second Category, you can add all the cards that have the same face, but have a major printing identification difference on the reverse. This includes cards that came out of packs and are identified as such. This will add a further 99 cards.

(2)  Cards From Packs

The third Category is Cards Distinguished Only By Printing Order (i.e. Reprints). In the early days a reprint was identified on the reverse by adding a -2 or -3 etc to the card code number. There are 42 occurrences of this happening.

(3)  Cards From Reprints

The fourth Category lists cards that are distinguished by small changes to the reverse lettering or formatting. There are 30 cards in this group.

(4)  Cards With Reverse Lettering Or Formatting Differences

If you decided to collect all the cards from Categories 1 to 4, you will end up with a grand total of 886 cards in your collection.


The final Category is the Grey Area, where you will find miscellaneous cards that can be added for no other reason than completeness. Quite a few more can be added. Category 5 is purely optional.

(5)  Grey Area Cards