Decimal Booklets


Queen Elizabeth II


February 1966

Contains: Three Panes of
                    5 x 4c QEII Red

Booklet Measures: 79mm x 40mm


There were six versions of this booklet. Each had a different slogan tab, as displayed on the right.

The First Series (B71 - B76) had three advertising insert pages between the stamps.

There were Edition Numbers on the back cover.

Early editions included a "D" for Decimal
N for NSW
V for VIC
G for everywhere else.

The following Edition Numbers were produced.

DV8, DG8, DV8 overprinted DN9,
DN9, DV9, DG9,
DN10, DG10, DV10,
DN11, DV11, DG11
DN12 & DN13

Some of the G Editions had Wax Interleaving, which is also known as Tropical Editions.

A Second Series (B77 - B82) of the six different booklets had no advertising insert pages, and had a "Radio & TV" back cover, and had the following Edition Numbers.

DS7, DS8, DS9 & DS10

A Third Series (B83 - B88) was similar to the first series, but only had two advertising insert pages.

Edition Numbers were

N67/1, V67/1, G67/1
N67/2, V67/2, G67/2

Series One, Two & Three all had Helicon In Ink on each stamp.

A Fourth Series (B95 - B100) also had two advertising insert pages, but now the booklets were comprised of Helicon Paper.

Edition Numbers were

N67/1, V67/1, N67/2, V67/2, G67/2

In normal light, the Helicon In Ink and the Helicon Paper versions look the same. They need to be compared under ultraviolet light, where the Helicon In Ink stamps fluoresce bright red while the paper is dark, and for the Helicon Paper, the paper fluoresces orange-pink.

All versions of this booklet have this back cover except for the second series.

Second Series back.



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