New Zealand
Stamp Errors



1958 Health 2d Girls Brigade Miniature Sheet

TM30a      3d Miniature Sheet   (Normal) TM30ay      Guillotine Error   ($600)

1959 Health 3d Poaka

T31b      3d Poaka   (Normal) T31bw      Major Red Colour Shift Pair   ($150)
TM31b      3d+1d Poaka Miniature Sheet   (Normal) TM31bz   Red Colour Missing pair from Miniature Sheet   ($1,000).  Note missing Red "1" in Plate Number.

Evidence that this pair is from the miniature sheet can be seen by the fact that the "Printed By Harrison" is not present as it is on the normal sheet. See below left for an example of the sheet imprint.

T31b      3d Poaka   (Normal)  Sheet Plate Number with "Printed By Harrison". T31bz      Red Colour Missing from normal sheet   ($350)

1962 Health 3d Tieke

T34b      3d Tieke   (Normal) T34b(z)      Orange Colour Omitted   ($4,000)
Last two columns of one sheet affected (12 stamps)

1964 Health 2 1/2d Tarapunga

T36a      2 1/2d Tarapunga   (Normal) T36a(z)      Red Colour Omitted   ($800) T36a(x)      Major Red Colour Shift   ($150)
T36a      Major Blue Shift Upwards  ($600)

1965 3d Health

T37a      3d Kaka   (Normal) T37a(?)      Major Brown Colour Shift   ($300)

1966 4d Health

T38b(z)      Sepia Colour Omitted on 1st stamp and partial on 2nd. The error occurred on two sheets, resulting in 12 examples.   ($5,000)
T38b(w)      Double Perforations Horizontally and Extra Strike Vertically   ($1,000)

1975 3c Health

T47a      Paper Fold   ($2,500)

1977 Health Miniature Sheet

TM49      62c Miniature Sheet   (Normal) TM49a      Guillotine Error   ($600)
T49a(w)      Major Perforation Shift   ($800)

1979 10c Health

T51b(y)      Green Colour Doubly Printed   ($225)

1984 24c Health

T56b(x)      Orange Colour Shift   ($250)

1996 40c Health (Teddy Bear)

T68c      Normal T68a      Teddy Bear in seat-belt   ($2,500)
T68b      Teddy Bear in seat-belt (Self Adhesive)   ($5,000)


New Zealand Stamp Errors