New Zealand
Stamp Errors

Pre 1970 Pictorials


1941 George VI 2d on 1 1/2d Chocolate

M5a(z)      "2" Re-Inserted in Second Overprinting Row 10/10   ($1,650)

1958 2d on 1 1/2d Queen Elizabeth II (Stars)

N40a(z)      Normal Surcharge Dot 4 1/4 mm Diameter N40a(y)      Normal Surcharge Dot 3 3/4 mm Diameter N41a   Error Surcharge Dot 4 1/4 mm Diameter on Stars  ($300)
N40a(y)      Normal Used N41a      Error Used  ($400) Error Used Forged Surcharge

1961 2 1/2d on 3d Queen Elizabeth II

N42a      Normal Surcharge N42a(x)      Offset Surcharge  ($400)

1960 1/2d Manuka

O1a      Normal O1a(z)      Blue Colour Omitted   ($550)

1960 2d Kowhai-Ngutu-Kaka

O3a      Normal O3a(z)      Black Colour Omitted   ($1,200)
OV3g      Row 3 Column 1 "E" of ZEALAND looks like an "F"  ($100) O3a(z)      Black Colour Omitted Pair   ($1,200)    (Note a hint of black on bottom stamp)

1960 2 1/2d Titoki

O4a?      Downward shift of Green, Brown & Red   ($100) O4a(u)      Block Of 6 Double Perfs, including Plate Numbers   ($400)
O4a?      Downward shift of Green, Brown & Red, & Doctor Blade Flaw   ($400) O4a?      Major Downward shift of Brown   ($200)

1960 3d Kowhai

O5a      Normal O5a(z)      Yellow Omitted   ($425) O5a(y)      Brown Omitted   ($425)
O5a(x)      Green Omitted   ($675) O5a?      Brown shift up, Yellow shift down   ($100) O5a(x) strip. 1st Left Green Omitted, 2nd Left 90% Green Omitted, then Normal   ($925)

1960 5d Mountain Daisy

O7a      Normal O7az      Yellow Colour Omitted  ($1,000)
O7a      Yellow Upward Shift (appears as if Yellow missing)  ($125) O7a      Yellow Upward Shift (Yellow just visible on White Petal)  ($125)
O7a      Black colour shift to the left  ($45)  

1960 6d Clematis

O8a(z)      Lilac Colour Omitted on Bottom Stamp, Top Stamp Normal   ($700) O8a   A copy of the stamp on thick unwatermarked paper with lilac & olive colours missing
and major perforation shift. This version was not regularly issued.

1960 7d Koromiko

O9a   Normal O9a(x)   All colours offset   ($750)

1960 9d New Zealand Flag

O11a(z)      Strip Of 3 Red Omitted 1 Full, 1 Partial, 1 Normal   ($2,000)

1960 1s 3d Trout

O13a      Normal O13a(z)      Carmine Colour Omitted   ($1,400) O13a      Brown Colour Shift to the Right   ($150)

1967 1/2c Manuka

OD1a      Normal OD1a(?)      5.5mm Upward Red Colour Shift   ($400)

1967 1c Karaka

W9a (OD2a)      Normal Booklet Pane W9a(u) Trial (OD2a)      Proof Colour Trial   ($1,000)

1967 2 1/2c Kowhai

OD4a(v)      Pair Imperforate  ($625)

1967 3c Puarangi

OD5a(?)      Major Perforation Shift To The Left  ($350)

1967 10c Timber Industry & 50c Sutherland Falls

OD11a      Large Green Ink Splash  ($75) OD16a      Large Green Ink Splash  ($200)

1967 $1 Tasman Glacier

OD17a(y)      Block Of 4 Top Selvedge Perf & Double Perf Between   ($600)


New Zealand Stamp Errors