New Zealand
Stamp Errors



1958 Hawkes Bay Centennial

S78a      3d Cape Kidnappers   (Normal) S78a?      3d Cape Kidnappers   Major Perforation Shift   (?????)

1962 Centenary Of The Telegraph In New Zealand

S88a(z)      3d Morse Key   (Brown Colour Partially Omitted)   ($600)

1963 Centenary Of Railways In New Zealand

S90a      Normal S90a(z)      Blue Colour Omitted   ($1,500)

The error was caused by a dry print and affects the sky and the green of the left loco is now yellow, as is the grass in the foreground. Approximately 30 copies are known.

S91a      Normal S91a(z)      Red Colour Omitted   ($4,000)

Tom Pierron, in his online catalogue, states that a complete sheet of 120 stamps with the error existed originally, but the majority of stamps were stolen from dealers Bridger & Kay on 12 February 1964. It is believed the stolen copies were destroyed in panic as none bar the 16 examples from the top right of the sheet have ever surfaced.

1965 Anzac 50th Anniversary 4d Anzac Cove

S94a      Normal S94a(v)      Blurred Print   ($500)

1969 Bicentennial Of Captain Cook's Landing 4c Cook and Octant

S122a(y)      Pair Imperforate   ($975)

1972 Lakes

SS8a      Normal Sage-Green Frame SS8a(2)      Yellow-Olive Frame   ($1,000)

1973 Six Commemoratives 4c Westport Centennial

S164a(x)      Dark Blue Overprinting, almost removing New Zealand & 4c from right hand stamps   ($400)

1973 Six Commemoratives 8c Olympic Rowers

S167a(z)      Gold Colour Doubled   ($200)

1975 Forest Parks

SS19a      Normal SS19a(z)      Dark Blue Colour Omitted   ($500)

1977 AA and RACS

S218a      Normal Pair S218a(z)      Grey Colour Omitted (Lower Background)   ($1,500)

1980 125th Anniversary Of New Zealand's First Stamps 14c Strip Of 3

SP260-262(z)      Black Colour Omitted   ($1,000)

1998 Scenic Skies $1.00 Mt Maunganui Sunset

SS128a      Normal SS128a(z)      Major 12.5mm Silver Colour Shift   ($1,000)

2000 Scenic Reflections $1.20 Rainbow Mountain

SS141a(z)      Major Perforation Shift   ($500 each)

2001 100 Years Of Tourism $1.50 Sea-Kayaking

SS148a(z)      Major Perforation Shift   ($400 each)

2004 Olympic Games $2.00 Peter Snell

S918a(z)      Illustration Inverted   ($6,000)

2004 Olympic Games 90c Yvette Williams

S916a(z)      Illustration Misplaced Upwards   ($250)

2005 Coffee Cups 45c

SH116a(y)      Die-Cut Outline Inverted and Double Phosphor Print - 1 Normal, 1 Inverted.   ($1,000)

2005 Farmyard Animals $1.50 Rooster

S927a(y)      Sheet inverted causing perforation error to middle rows   ($850 for 1 strip of 5)

2008 Weather Extremes 50c

S1063a      Normal S1063a(z)      Three Colours Omitted (Bronze, Yellow & Magenta)   ($3,000)

1990 The Maori 40c Legend Of Rangi and Papa

SH31a      Normal SH31a(z)      Chalky Blue Colour Omitted (Value)   ($850)

2011 Year Of The Rabbit Miniature Sheet

SM1237-40(z)      Major Perforation Error   ($3,750)


New Zealand Stamp Errors