New Zealand
Stamp Errors



1960 2d Christmas

SC1a(z)      Missing Red. Second & third stamp shown completely missing, the fourth has a small band on the right edge.
One of the five complete strips of 12 known of this variety. Campbell Paterson broke up the original sheet (12 x 5 rows) several years ago   ($3,000)

1970 3c Christmas

SC11b(y)      Olive Colour Displaced Half Stamp Width To The Right   ($275)

1975 5c Christmas

SC16b      Normal SC16b(z)      Brown Figure Of Value (5c) Omitted   ($450)

1997 40c Christmas (Self Adhesive)

SC38g      Major Perforation Shift Of Stamp, Miss-Aligned By Half A Stamp, showing booklet info on left.

2003 40c Christmas (Self Adhesive)

SC45f(y)      Black Silver Fern Omitted   ($3,500)


New Zealand Stamp Errors