Astor Barnyard Boys


The Astor Barnyard Boys were one of the many combinations of Auckland's leading jazz musicians. Noel Peach had his Astor Studios in Auckland and he put together a number of different combinations of musicians, depending on the style of music required. Each combination was given a different name, including the Astor Barnyard Boys, the Astor Trio, the Astor Rhythm, the Astor Dixie Boys and the Astorians. The majority of recordings were all made for the TANZA label.

Among the Astor regulars were George Campbell, Neil Dunningham, Bob Ewing, Frank Gibson Sr, Bobby Griffith, Ray Gunter, Nancy Harrie, Derek Heine, Dick Hobday, Julian Lee, John MacKenzie, Crombie Murdoch and Jim Warren.

The Astor Barnyard Boys consisted of John MacKenzie on Piano, Jim Warren on Trumpet, Eric Struckett on Fiddle, Ray Gunter on Guitar, Norm Powell on Bass and Lee Smith on Vocals.

They recorded one single on TANZA in their own right in 1950 called "Ruby Red Lips"/"Chicken Reel". They provided backing on three singles for John MacKenzie in 1952.


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