Brodie Brothers / Brent Brodie

    Ron Brodie
    Brian Brodie
    Brent Brodie

The Brodie Brothers were a Christchurch pop trio. Brent Brodie released a solo record on Zodiac in 1965.

The three brothers travelled to England in 1967 and were fortunate enough to record a single for Columbia as the Brodie Brothers, while they were there, "If You Only Loved Me"/"Strange".

Back in New Zealand in 1971, Brent recorded two songs for RCA, "Sweet Susannah"/"To Say Goodbye" and "When We Were Young"/"Mama's Gone". The second single was RCA 60577.

In 1974, Brent was one of the early signings for Kontact Records, but only ended up releasing one single for them, "Gypsy Boy"/"Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast".

In 1975 Brent became involved with the "Sing" television show and recorded a number of songs for the resulting album.

The Brodie Brothers and Brent Brodie can be found on the following compilations:-


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