Zodiac Records 9


Z45-1201          Aug-1965

The Sierras

A: To Know Her Is To Love Her
B: Stick With Me Baby

Z45-1202          1965

Bridge City Jazzmen

A: Get Me to the Church on Time
B: Street Where You Live

It is likely that this record was not released.



Z45-1203          May-1965

Allison Durbin

A: Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
B: Little Brother

Z45-1204          Jun-1965

Dave Miller And The Byrds

A: Bright Lights Big City
B: Little Lover

Z45-1205          Jun-1965

Kini Quartet

A: Maori Is A Loving Tongue
B: Bye Bye Blackbird

Z45-1206          Jun-1965

Mauri Chan

A: Rickshaw
B: Skokiaan

Z45-1207          Jun-1965

Bill And Boyd

A: Bee-Boop
B: Please Go Away

Z45-1208          1965

Bill And Boyd

A: Let The Sun Shine In
B: Thinking Of You

Z45-1209          Jun-1965


A: Little Egypt
B: If You Had Love

Z45-1210          Jul-1965

Ray Columbus And The Invaders

A: Till We Kissed
B: She's Back Again

Z45-1211          Jul-1965

Ian Saxon And The Creditors

A: I'm Getting Better
B: He Gives Me Love

Z45-1212          Aug-1965


A: Last Night
B: Poor Girl

Z45-1213          Jun-1965


A: Peanuts (La Cacahuata)
B: Happy Hippo

Z45-1214          Aug-1965

Sandy Edmonds

A: Oh No Not My Baby
B: I Don't Understand

Z45-1215          Aug-1965

Tommy Adderley

A: Mr. Jinx
B: Since I Don't Have You

Z45-1216          Aug-1965

Brent Brodie

A: I Ain't Gonna Knock On Your Door
B: Danny's Dream

Z45-1217          Sep-1965

Cathy Howe With The Sierras

A: Yo Yo Love
B: He Doesn't Love Me

Z45-1218          Sep-1965

Gray Bartlett

A: Theme From The Munsters
B: Chips

Z45-1219          Sep-1965

Newsounds with Ray Woolf

A: All Night Worker
B: Over You


The group name should be one word on the label.

Z45-1220          Sep-1965

Dave Miller And The Byrds

A: How You've Changed
B: Wake Up Little Susie

Z45-1221          Oct-1965

Gary Bayer and Ben Tawhiti

A: Cactus Hop
B: Froken Fraken

Z45-1222          Oct-1965

Tommy Adderley

A: Once Upon A Time
B: In The Meantime

Z45-1223          Oct-1965

Bridge City Jazzmen

A: Theme From Moulin Rouge
B: Get Me To The Church On Time (My Fair Lady)

Z45-1224          Oct-1965


A: That Lonely Feeling
B: Gloria

Z45-1225          Dec-1965

Dave Miller And The Byrds

A: No Time
B: Love Is All I Need

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