Zodiac Records

1957 - 1974

Includes Zodiac International, Zodiac Icon, Zodiac Viscount & Viscount


Z45-1001          Aug-1957     (On 78 and 45)

Hulawai'ns with Morgan Clarke

A: Hawaiian Rock 'N Roll

Hualwai'ns with Joanne Newdick

B: Isle Of Fair Hawaii

Z78-1002          1957     (78 only)

Hager Sisters with Bill Wolfgramm's Hawaiians

A: Manu Rere

Bill Wolfgramm's Hawaiians

B:  Ai Ai Malie

Z78-1003          1957     (78 only)

Hager Sisters with Bill Wolfgramm's Hawaiians

A: Maui Girl

Bill Wolfgramm's Hawaiians

B: Maui Chimes

Z78-1004          1957     (78 only)

Bill Wolfgramm's Hawaiians

A: Hawaiian War Chant

Bill Wolfgramm's Hawaiians with Daphne Walker

B: Polynesian Love Song  

Z45-1005          Sep-1957     (On 78 and 45)

Morgan Clarke With Benny's Five

A: Hawaiian Boogie
B: Haka Boogie 

Z78-1006          1957     (78 only)

Morgan Clarke With Benny's Five

A: Ninety-Nine Ways

Morgan Clarke with Zodiac Paradise Islanders

B: Dusky Polynesian

Z78-1007          1957     (On 78 and 45)

Johnny Granger With The Rock'A'Billys

A: I'm Stickin' With You
B: Empty Arms

Z45-1008          Feb-1958

Bill Sevesi And His Novelty Five

A: Christmas Time
B: Go Man Go

Z45-1009          Sep-1958

Howard Morrison Quartet

A: There's Only One Of You
B: Big Man

Z45-1010          1958

Howard Morrison Quartet With The Paul Lester Group

A: Haere Ra E Hine
B: Marama Pai

Z45-1011          1958

Bob Paris and the Auckland Jive Centre Band

A: Rebel-'Rouser
B: Rumble

Z78-1011          1959     (78 only)

Howard Morrison Quartet

A: Deep Purple
B: Marie


There were two different recordings that used the same 1011 catalogue number in error. One was a 45, listed above, and this 78.


Z45-1012          1959

Howard Morrison Quartet

A: Po Kare Kare Ana
B: Hoki Mai

Z45-1013          1959

Howard Morrison Quartet

A: Goodbye Baby
B: Short Fat Fanny

Z45-1014          Oct-1959

Eddie Howell With The Bob Paris Combo

A: Kansas City (K.C. Loving)

Bob Paris Combo

B: Big Girl

Z45-1015          1959

Red Hewitt And The Buccaneers

A: Girl In The Teddy Bear Coat
B: Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes

Z45-1016          1959

Beatnik and the Peter Posa Combo

A: Juvenile Delinquent
B: Dirty Feet

Z45-1017          1959

Eddie Howell With The Bob Paris Combo

A: Summertime
B: I Need Your Love Tonight


There is no knowledge that this record exists.



Z45-1019          1960

Eddie Howell With The Bob Paris Combo

A: Primrose Lane
B: Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Z45-1020          1960

Bob Paris Combo

A: Time Bomb
B: Theme From Peter Gunn

Z45-1021          1960

Eddie Howell And The Cute-Ees with the Bob Paris Group

A: (Seven Little Girls) Sitting In The Back Seat

Eddie Howell and the Bob Paris Group

B: I'm In The Mood For Love

Z45-1022          1960

Herma Keil with the Keil Isles

A: Don't You Know

Keil Isles

B: Blue Guitar

Z45-1023          1960

Howard Morrison Quartet

A: Battle Of The Waikato
B: Granada

Z45-1024          1960

Howard Morrison Quartet

A: Hawaiian Cowboy Song
B: Little Darlin'

Z45-1025          1960

Owen Griffiths & Clive Weir With The Rockettes

A: Out Of The Blue Gums

Owen Griffiths With The Rockettes

B: Waltzing Matilda

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