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651377-7          1988               (Aust)

Dave Dobbyn

A: Love You Like I Should
B: 2 Fast Cars

651424-7          1987               (Aust)

Graham Brazier

A: Boat Song
B: Late Night Music

651558-7          1988               (Aust)

Dave Dobbyn

A: Loyal
B: Saved

652980-7          1987               (Aust)

Dave Dobbyn

A: Defying Gravity
B: Liberty Bound (Instrumental)

653102-7          1987               (Aust)

Al Hunter

A: Let Somebody Else Drive
B: You Still Got That Look In Your Eye

CAT 1          1987

When The Cats Away

A: Leader Of The Pack
B: Lady Marmalade

CAT 2          1987

When The Cats Away

A: Sanctified
B: Gypsies, Tramps And Thieves

HOT-80          1987               (Aust)

80 In The Shade

A: Heatwave

When The Cats Away

B: Shark Attack

KA 1          1987

3 From Kairo

A: I'm Gonna Find Her
B: Hard Man

LEGB 004          1987

Alby W with the Extended Players

A: C'Mon Paddles
B: C'Mon Paddles (Wide Mix)

651365-7          1988               (Aust)

The Fan Club

A: Sensation
B: Take Me Now

651365-0          1988               (Aust)

The Fan Club

A: Sensation (Remix)
B: No-One's Taking The Place Of You

652803-7          1988               (Aust)

The Fan Club

A: Call Me
B: You Gave It All Away

652804-7          1988               (Aust)

The Fan Club

A: Paradise
B: Colour Me Blue

CAT 3          1987               (Aust)

When The Cats Away

A: Melting Pot
B: Fire

653107-7          1989               (Aust)

Graham Brazier

A: Bad Bad Boy
B: Motorway

654981-7          1989               (Aust)

Margaret Urlich

A: Number One (Remember When We Danced All Night)
B: Room That Echoes

655092-7          1989               (Aust)

Netherworld Dancing Toys

A: American Dream
B: Everyone In This Place Is Sleeping

655132-7          1989               (Aust)

Dave Dobbyn & The Lunettes

A: Space Junk (Theme To Space Knights)
B: Space Junk (Luna Mix)

655211-7          1989               (Aust)

Margaret Urlich

A: Escaping
B: God Bless The Child

655246-7          1989               (Aust)

The Fan Club

A: I Feel Love
B: I Feel Love (Instrumental)

655520-0          1989               (Aust)

The Fan Club

A: Don't Let Me Fall Alone
B: I Don't Need A Lover

655915-7          1989               (Aust)

Guy Wishart

A: Don't Take Me For Granted
B: Smaller Town

655924-7          1989               (Aust)

Margaret Urlich

A: Only My Heart Calling
B: Something In The Air

656307-7          1990               (Aust)

Margaret Urlich

A: Give Me Some Credit
B: Open Up

Image Not Available
656627-7          1991               (Aust)

Margaret Urlich

A: Guilty People (Maera Mix)
B: Give Me Some Credit

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