Direction Records

1974 - 1976

Direction Records label was launched in 1974 by Direction Distributors Limited, the owners of a chain of independent stores in the North Island of New Zealand. The label had the New Zealand rights to Casablanca, Capricorn, ECM, CTI and Virgin, plus many independent releases. It ceased trading in 1976.


DF 501          1974

Nektar                            Non NZ Artist

A: Astral Man
B: Early Morning Clown

DF 506          1975

Dooley Silverspoon             Non NZ Artist

A: Bump Me Baby (Part 1)
B: Bump Me Baby (Part 2)

DF 509          1975

Wisdom                      Non NZ Artist

A: Nefertiti
B: What-Cha-Gonna-Du-About-You

DF 513          1975


A: Dolphin Song
B: Letters

DF 514          1975

Cherry Pie

A: Lightning Red
B: Gold Fever

DF 516          1975

Grass And Mal-Voy              Non NZ Artist

A: Shine Shine
B: Stop (You're Making Me Cry)

DF 517          1975


A: Arrow
B: Clockhouse Shuffle

DF 532         1975


A: At The Beach
B: Waitress



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