Down Under


The Down Under label was around for a very short time in 1972. It was created by Barry Coburn, who also had the White Cloud label. Down Under was distributed through Polygram.


DS 1001          1972


A: Where Is The Lord?
B: Millions

DS 1002          1972

Bruce Woodley             Non NZ Artist

A: Hard Lovin' Loser
B: The Colours Of Your Life


Bruce was a members of The Seekers from Australia.

DS 1003          1972

Healing Force            Non NZ Artist

A: Golden Miles
B: The Gully


Australian group with New Zealanders, Mal Logan and Charlie Tumahai

DS 1004          1972


A: Pig
B: Sandelmaker

DS 1005          1972


A: Dream Chant
B: Awake

DS 1006          1972

Lindsay "Airlord" Marks

A: The Peace You're Looking For
B: Sad Girl

DS 1007          1972


A: Then You'll Fly
B: Stoned Condition

Image Not Available
DS 1008          1972


DS 1009          1972

Lindsay Marks

A: Son Of The Sun
B: The World



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