Mandrill Records

1976 - 1982

Formed by Dave Hurley from the Breakaways and Glyn Tucker from the Gremlins.

The catalogue numbers started with "M", then changed to "DRILL" and finally "POLY". The gaps in the "POLY" series are still to be determined.


M 10001          1976

Rick Steele

A: Bloody Daggaville
B: Take It Or Leave It

M 10002          1976

Layton And Trent

A: More You Seek
B: This Old Place

M 10003          1977

Richard Wilde

A: Ever Since I Felt You Slipping Away
B: Someone To Love

M 10004          1977

Rick Steele

A: Trains Can Fly
B: Ready Or Not

Image Unavailable
M 10005          1977

Alastair Riddell

A: Wonder Ones
B: Oh Ron



M 10006




M 10007          1977

Citizen Band

A: In A Lifetime
B: Good Morning Citizen

DRILL 1          1977

Rick Steele

A: Suzie Star
B: Life Gets Tedious


A new catalogue sequence with the first being released on the Polydor label.

DRILL 2          1978

Chapman and White

A: Nambassa
B: You And I Together

DRILL 3          1978

Alastair Riddell

A: What Good Does It Do Me
B: Last Time

DRILL 4          1978

Citizen Band

A: I Feel Good
B1: Good Morning Citizen
B2: My Pohutakawa

DRILL 5          1978

Grant Bridger

A: Captain Rainbow
B: Music

DRILL 6          1978

Alastair Riddell

A: Eyes Of Love
B: Come On Over

Image Unavailable
DRILL 7          1978

Rick Steele

A: Lonesome Town
B: Lady Surrender

DRILL 8          1978

Citizen Band

A: Ladder Song
B: Martian: Spaceman (Pete's Best)

DRILL 9          1978

Alastair Riddell

A: Smile
B: Eyes Of Love

DRILL 10          1978

Steve Allen

A: Why Do They
B: What Is The Feeling

DRILL 11          1978

Citizen Band

A: Somebody Else
B: Holy Felule

DRILL 12          1980

Kim Hart & Steve Allen

A: Out Of Control
B: Polar Star

Image Unavailable
POLY 114          1981

Tony Williams

A: It's Not Love
B: Gypsy Woman

POLY 115          1981

Midge Marsden Connection

A: Slow Walk Jive Talk
B: Whiskey And Wine

POLY 118          1981

Midge Marsden Connection

A: Never In A Million Years
B: Optimism Blues

Image Unavailable
POLY 124          1982

Midge Marsden

A: Never Gonna Lose Your Love
B: Upright Man




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