Zodiac 78 RPM's

1949 - 1958


Independent New Zealand label owned by Eldred Stebbing and his brother Phil Stebbing. The label began by releasing 78's in 1951 before shutting up shop in 1953 after Eldred and Phil had a falling out. It was revived again by Eldred in 1957. He continued releases of 78's during 1957 and 1958, before moving to 45 RPM's. The catalogue number started at Z 100 and went through to Z 150 by 1953. At the revival, the 78's recommenced at Z 1051, because the 45 RPM's had started at Z 1000 and some of these were also released on 78 using the same numerical part of the catalogue number. Refer Zodiac 45's for 78's released with catalogue numbers from Z-1001 to Z-1011.


Z 100          1951

Big City Six     (v. Steve Francis)

A: Harbour Lights
B: Hawaii Calls

Z 101          1951

Aileen Keyes with the Syncrotones

A: Gods Were Angry
B: Behind The Clouds

Z 102          1951

Duplicats with the Johnny Thomson Trio

A: Mockin' Bird Hill
B: Yes Sir! That's My Baby

Z 103          1951

Duplicats with the Johnny Thomson Trio

A: Get Out Those Old Records
B: On Top Of Old Smokey

Z 104          1951

Aileen Keyes & Dell Harris with the Syncrotones

A: It's A Marshmallow World
B: Hold Me

Z 105          1951

Big City Six

A: Little White Duck

Bob Taggart's Dance Tones     (v. Loma Saunders)

B: Accidents Will Happen

Z 106          1951

Aileen Keyes & Dell Harris with the Syncrotones

A: Ferryboat Inn
B: Tonda Wanda Hoy

Z 107          1951

Johnny Granger

A: Swiss Lullaby
B: When That Harvest Moon Is Shining

Z 108          1951

Zodiac Music Men

A: My Truly, Truly Fair
B: Sweet Violets

Z 109          1951

Big City Six

A: What Is The Thing?     (v. Leigh Westbrook)
B: Gra Mamou (Grande Mamou)     (v. Leigh Westbrook & Steve Francis)

Z 110          1951

Buddy Kaine

A: Jolly Old St. Nicholas
B: C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S

Z 111          1951

Johnny Granger with Buddy Kaine

A: You Don't Kno' What Lonesome Is Til You Git To Herdin' Cows
B: When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again

Z 112          1951

Julian Lee

A: Nola
B: Presto Rag



Z 113          1952

Lyn Christie Trio     (v. Esme Stephens)

A: In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening
B: Why Do I Love You?

Z 114          1951

Jack Rigger

A: Mother Queen Of My Heart
B: Little White House



Image Not Available Image Not Available
Z 115          1952

Don Grant

A: Piano Medley No. 1
B: Piano Medley No. 2

Z 116          1952

Don Grant and his Rhythm     (v. Esme Stephens)

A: You Blew Out The Flame
B: Lullaby Of Broadway

Z 117          1952

Johnny Granger

A: Cold, Cold Heart
B: Midnight Train



Z 118




Z 119          1952

Zodiac Paradise Islanders

A: Papio     (v. Leigh Westbrook & Wally Ericson)
B: Sweet Leilani     (v. Steve Francis)

Z 120          1952

Johnny Granger

A: Ocean Of Tears
B: I Wish I Had A Nickel



Image Not Available Image Not Available
Z 121          1952

Leslie Dewhurst

A: Waltz Medley
B: Hit Parade Medley

Z 122          1952

Julian Lee

A: Fine And Dandy
B: Just One Of Those Things

Z 123          1952

Don Kessel with the Collegians & the Pem Sheppard Quartet

A: Down Yonder
B: A Beggar In Love

Z 124          1952

Zodiac Paradise Islanders

A: Hawaiian Boogie     (v. Leigh Westbrook & Steve Francis)
B: Hula Rhythm

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