Lyn Barnett

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Lyn Barnett is the elder sister of Christine Barnett. Lyn had a recording contract with Viking during 1962 and 1963. Her career lasted about the same time as that of her sister.

While with Viking she released four singles, "No Heart At All"/"This Little Boy Of Mine", "Please Mr. Postman"/"On Again, Off Again", "Love Me To Pieces"/"Ya Gotta", and "Ordinary Guy"/"Aren't Some People Funny (with the Sundowners).


Before the end of 1963 she recorded one single for RCA Victor, "What If Johnny Says No"/"Secondhand Rose", and also one single on her sister's label, Lexian.


She also released her only album called "Lyn" with Garth Young and his Orchestra in 1962.

Lyn later married Mike Leyton from the Merseymen and after his stint with Sounds (Auckland) Unlimited, they moved to Sydney.

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