John Bissett (Rhythm Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals)
    Kevin McNeil (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
    Neil Reynolds (Drums)
    Wayne Reynolds (Guitar / Vocals)

The Mods were a Hamilton based pop group who formed in 1964, after the Beatles had left town. They recorded two singles during their time. Both on Zodiac, the first was "Love Love Love"/"It's In Her Kiss" in 1965 and the other "I'll Be On My Way"/"Hubble Bubble" in 1966.


When the group folded in 1966, John Bissett joined the Action. Kevin McNeil took up a short stint with the Rayders, who had moved to Hamilton, but when they disbanded, he reformed a new version of the Mods, which included Clive Coulson from the Dark Ages.

The Mods can also be found on the following compilations:-


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