Danny Stradwick (Guitar / Vocals)
    Jack Stradwick (Bass / Vocals)
    John Bissett (Organ / Guitar / Vocals)
    Bryan Harris (Drums)

From left : Brian, Danny, John and Jack.

This Auckland group was formed in 1966 out of the remnants of the Figures and performed mainly at the local clubs. Jack Stradwick and Bryan Harris worked with Peter Posa before joining the Figures. Harris had also been with the Layabouts. John Bissett was previously playing rhythm guitar with the Hamilton band the Mods. In 1967 the line-up was extended by adding Evan Silva as featured vocalist. Silva had previously been with Nobody's Children.

In 1968 Danny and Bryan left the group. Bryan was replaced by Brett Neilsen, who had been drumming with the La De Da's, Bryan actually taking Brett's place in the La De Da's. Danny appeared on the scene once more, showing up with Ray Woolf's Avengers. Danny was replaced by John Kristian, who had actually been a founding member of the Figures and later ended up in the Dallas Four and Shotgun with Larry Morris.

This new line-up left New Zealand for Australia where they soon became established on the Sydney music scene. In their later stages, when John Kristian and Jack Stradwick left, they were joined by Mike Wilson and Gus Fenwick both from the Apple. Not long after that, Neilson also quit and he was replaced for a short time by returning Brian Harris before ending up with Wellington drummer Andy Anderson, from Australian band the Missing Links. By late 1968 they called it a day with some members joining other groups. Jack Stradwick joined Headband in the seventies. Evan Silva stayed in Australia and joined up as vocalist with Compulsion, which included ex-pats Reno Tehei (Guitar), Paddy Beach (Drums) and Ben Kaika (Bass). John Bissett showed up in a version of Levi Smith's Clefs in 1969, before joining Fraternity in 1970. In 1971 Silva and Mike Wilson formed the Truth. Brett Neilsen went on to join the Music Convention in 1969 and then showed up later in Breeze.

1969 in Sydney, Andy Anderson on drums and Evan Silva centre on vocals.

The Action recorded four singles on the Zodiac label. They were "I Can't Make A Friend"/"Romeo and Juliet", "Never Ever"/"Something About You", "Somethin' Fresh"/"It's Growing" and "Try A Little Tenderness"/"Hound Dog". Their sound was very much in the Motown style, unlike most of the other groups around at the time, who were playing R&B.



A previously unreleased song from their first recording session in 1967, called "Day By Day", appeared on the "Wild Things Vol 2" compilation album.

These days Evan Silva is now a Pastor along with his wife Carol at the Harbour Christian City Church in Auckland. In 1984 Evan recorded an inspirational music album called "Will It Be Gold" on the Concorde label.

The Action can also be found on the following compilations.


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