Sonny Day (Vocals)
    Bob Gillett (Saxophone)
    Dave Shepherd (Bass Guitar)
    Brett Neilsen (Drums)
    Steve Wilson (Guitar)

Breeze was formed by in 1971 by Bob Gillett, when he was offered a gig at the Tabla nightclub. Bob had previously been with the Brew. Brett Neilsen had played with the La De Da's and Action. Sonny Day had been around a long time, having his own group, before going solo and later singing with other groups, including the Dallas Four.

Shepherd and Neilsen were both soon replaced by John Kristian on bass and Doug Thomas on drums. Kristian had also been with the Action and the Dallas Four. Thomas was ex the Breakaways, Le Frame and the Underdogs.

When Chaz Burke-Kennedy returned from the US, he took over the guitar role occupied by Steve Wilson, putting an end to his first professional gig. Doug Thomas was later replaced by Div Vercoe, who had been with OK Dinghy, the group Todd Hunter had before eventually forming Dragon.

Breeze played at the Tabla, sharing the gig with Space Farm, the group that Bob Gillett was soon to join. Whilst they were playing at the Tabla, Cruise Lane were playing not far away at Embers nightclub. Steve Wilson soon found a spot for himself playing with one of their many combinations.

Breeze didn't record and soon folded. Dave Shepherd and John Kristian both moved on to Karma, while Chaz Burke-Kennedy joined Blerta. Brett Neilsen also played with Cruise Lane.


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