Bob Smith (Keyboards)
    John Kristian (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals)
    Peter Timperley (Lead Guitar)
    John Banks (Drums)
    Dave Shepherd (Bass Guitar)

Karma was one of those short term Auckland pop groups that came together in 1972, from members of other groups. Peter Timperley had started with Classic Affair and then went to the Dallas Four. Bob Smith was also with the Dallas Four. When the Dallas Four ended, Bob Smith and Peter Timperley recruited John Banks from Troubled Mind and Dave Shepherd from Dave Shepherd Group and formed a new band called Karma, who took up a residency at Granny's. Dave Shepherd and John Kristian had both just done a stint with Breeze.

On the recording side they released two singles in 1972 and one in 1973, all on Zodiac. They were "Bygone Days"/"Minstrel Man", "Rock 'n Roll Circus"/"Ruby" and "Clear Water Revival"/"Free".


During their time, Dave Shepherd was replaced by John Harrison. After they disbanded, Peter Timperley later appeared in Uncle Remus. Bob Smith went to Redeye.


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