Dave Shepherd Group


    Peter Bayliss (Lead Guitar)
    Dave Shepherd (Bass Guitar / Lead Vocals)
    Paul Lee (Tenor Sax)
    Dennis Christopher (Tenor Sax)
    Claude Radicks (Drums)

Dave Shepherd formed his Dave Shepherd Group in 1968 and secured a residency at the Forum in Takapuna, thanks to his friend Dave Moan, who used to play rhythm guitar with the Merseymen. They stayed there for about a year and attracted a strong following playing a rather commercial brand of soul.

Peter Bayliss had previously been with a group called Steam Packet.

The Dave Shepherd Group made a number of appearances at Mojo's, playing alongside the Mojomen. During their time, Claude Radicks left and he was replaced by Graeme 'Trixie' Willoughby, who was previously with the Brew. When Dennis Christopher decided to leave, he was not replaced.

During 1969, as a result of the personnel changes and also changes in musical direction, the group disbanded. Dave Shepherd later became a member of the Breeze and then Karma. He died in April 1995.


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