Rising Sons


Original Line-Up:
    Dennis O'Brien (Vocals)
Chris Andersen (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
    Mike Vasch (Bass Guitar)
    Mike Dring (Drums)

The Rising Sons were a 'garage band' of the late sixties. They were from Brooklyn in Wellington.

Formed in 1967, some of the original members came and went, until a workable unit emerged late in 1968. That consisted of Dennis O'Brien on vocals, Nick Theobald on bass guitar and vocals, Dave Russell on lead guitar and Roger Watkins on drums. The band played at local dances and socials.

The Rising Sons made a 'private pressing' that was never released, until its inclusion on the "Get The Picture" CD from LEGENZ. The song was "I'm A Boy".

When the band folded, Dennis O'Brien and Nick Theobald formed Triangle in 1970, and they set off to the UK for a short visit. On their return, a number of people passed through the group, including guitarist "Neddy Knowles" and Murray Walker from Soul Sect and Roger Watkins on drums. In the late seventies, after another visit to the UK, the group became known as the Dennis O'Brien Band.

Roger Watkins is the author of two excellent books on New Zealand music, called "When Rock Got Rolling" and "Hostage To The Beat".

The song "I'm A Boy" is available on the following compilation:-


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