Soul Sect


    Dave "Neddy" Knowles (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
    Mike Luey (Keyboards / Vocals)
    Mike Brosnan (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
    Bruce Walker (Drums )
    Matt Campbell (Vocals)

Soul Sect were a Wellington group from the Lower Hutt, around from 1966 to 1968.

Mike Brosnan was the first to leave the band. He joined the City Derelicts. Bruce Walker moved from the drums to bass guitar and enticed his younger brother Murray Walker to join on drums. Murray just happened to be the current drummer with the City Derelicts.

Soul Sect were runners up in the January 1968 Battle Of The Bands, and again in the April 1968 event.

Tragedy struck the group in October 1968 when Mike Luey was killed in a car crash on the way home from a gig. This devastated the group and they ceased playing for several months.

In early 1969, Dave, Bruce, Murray and Matt reformed as Address. Bruce took on the keyboards and Peter Johnson was added on bass guitar.

It wasn't the same and they folded by the end of 1969. Bruce Walker went on to join the Simple Image on organ. Murray and Dave joined Triangle in the early seventies.


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