City Derelicts


    Tim Croft (Lead Vocals)
    George Barris (Lead Guitar / Harmonica / Vocals)
    John McPherson (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals)
    Warwick White (Bass Guitar)
    Murray Walker (Drums)

The City Derelicts started out in 1966 as a high school band, playing at school dances and local youth clubs around Wellington. At this early stage, public exposure was too much for John to take, so he resigned. It was decided that he should be replaced by an organ player, so Mike Brosnan was brought into the group. He had been with the Soul Sect. This caused a shuffle in the Soul Sect, with drummer Bruce Walker moving to bass guitar and enticing his younger brother Murray to leave the City Derelicts and join him at Soul Sect on drums.

Fortunately for the City Derelicts, it just happened that the Roadrunners had been forced into a temporary hiatus while their guitarist Chaz Burke-Kennedy began to explore the delights of life as a recluse. This left their drummer Tim O'Connor free to join the City Derelicts for a short time.

By 1967 it was decided it was time to move on. Tim had returned to the Roadrunners, now that Chaz had decided to venture out into the wide world again. George moved on to the Dead Things.


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