Phil Pritchard (Lead Guitar)
    Stu Fraser (Organ / Vocals)
    Paul Reid (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
    Bill Brown (Drums )
    Bill Ryland (Lead Vocals)

Stamp were a Wellington group around from 1969 to 1970. In 1968, they were known as Mellow Rage, before changing their name.

They had a residency at the Oracle, and could also be seen playing at the Blue Grotto and the Montmartre.

The group headed to Melbourne for a short time, but that wasn't successful, so they came home. Phil Pritchard left to join Highway. He was replaced by Murray Partridge, who had been with Freshwater.

After they split up, Bill Brown, along with Milton Parker from Freshwater, formed the short-lived Dragonfly, before Bill ended up in Quincy Conserve in 1974 and eventually the 1860 Band.


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