L to R: Back: Pat Southee, Barry Walden, Jim McNaught, Richard Cooper, Front: Bob Southee & Phil Campbell

    Bob Southee (Lead Guitar)
    Phil Campbell (Rhythm Guitar)
    Pat Southee (Piano)
    Richard Cooper (Double Bass)
    Barry Walden (Guitar / Vocals / Piano)
    Jim McNaught (Drums)

The Supersonics were a Wellington rock and roll group, who originally formed as the Mana Quintet.

As the Mana Quintet, they provided the backing on two releases by Barry's brother Paul Walden. They were "Poor Little Fool"/"Kewpie Doll" and "Tom Dooley"/"Guess Things Happen That Way", both on HMV.

In early 1959, they changed their name to the Supersonics. The Supersonics were the Wellington finalists in the 1959 Joe Brown Talent Contest.

In late 1959, Jim McNaught left for a job as a swimwear salesman. He would reappear a few years later as a light country-pop crooner for HMV, with several big hits and a TV presence before his death in 1972. He was replaced by Leo Gillingham, who appeared on the first two singles released in 1960 on HMV.


Leo Gillingham left after these two singles and was replaced by Bryan Miller, from the Cascados. Joey Nicholls also replaced Phil Campbell on guitar around this time.

The next single, "The Hu-Hu Bug"/"Waikanae", was released as Bas Tubert and the Tubes. The Tubes were actually the Supersonics. The final release in 1961 was a cover of the Shadows "Frightened City", but it didn't get a look in as the original was what was purchased and played.


The group split in late 1961. Bob Southee died in Brisbane in 2002 and Barry Walden in the late 1990s. Phil Campbell passed away in early 2015.

Bas Tubert was a Wellington radio announcer and he had one other single on the Kiwi label in 1963, backed by the Hubcaps.

The Supersonics and Bas Tubert can also be found on the following compilations:-



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