Vibrons L to R: Dave Parker, Matt Milton, Geoff Culverwell, Bobby Burns, Don Gill, Tim Salaca & Charles Pirrie.

Original Line-Up:
    Tim Salaca (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
    Dave Parker (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals)
    Charles Pirrie (Bass Guitar)
    Matt Milton (Saxophone)
    Geoff Culverwell (Trumpet)
    Don Gill (Drums)

Vibrons were a Wellington group around from 1968 to 1969. They were the resident band at the Blue Grotto in Victoria Street.

Don Gill gave up his position in the band to manage them. His place was taken by Bobby Burns, from the Imperial Twisters.

Out of the Vibrons came the Dave Parker Sounds and the Wedge. The Dave Parker Sounds played regularly at the De Brett's Hotel in Lambton Quay. The Wedge had Geoff and Matt. Tim Salaca had a residency at the Woolshed eatery for several years.

There was supposedly a recording made in May 1968 for HMV, "Misty Love"/"Electronic Brain", but I have no evidence of it.

Matt Milton was playing in Rhythm and Brass in 1975. Geoff Culverwell ended up in a later version of Quincy Conserve in 1974.


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