Vince Callaher

In 1957, Vince Callaher emigrated to New Zealand from Liverpool as a 21 year old.

He made demo recordings of two songs and these caught the ear of Phil Warren, owner of the Prestige label. Phil took him into the studio, re-recorded them and a single was released in 1959. The backing group was Will Jess & His Jesters, another name for Bill Sevesi.

The single was successful, with both sides reaching the top end of the charts in the Auckland area. There were three more single for Prestige in 1959 & 1960, again two were backed by Will Jess & His Jesters and the other by the Stereotones.


Later in 1960, he switched to the La Gloria label and released two more singles, backed by the Graham Bartlett Combo.


One last single, also in 1960, on the Octagon label. This time backed by Rudy's Reindeer Rhythm, better known as Rudy & The Crystals.

From here, he left New Zealand to try his luck in Australia, before returning to the UK in 1961.

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