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1 July 1988

Contains: 10 x 37c

Booklet Measures: 79mm x 60mm


This booklet saw the reintroduction of booklets sold over the counter at Post Offices.

Two printers, Leigh-Mardon and CPE Australia were used to produce this booklet.

At first glance the booklets look identical, but there are small differences in the cover, the most obvious is the missing black line through the 37c on the smaller stamp on the Leigh-Mardon cover. The inside covers had two totally different advertisements.

On the actual stamps panes, each printer put their logo on the selvedge. The stamps themselves can be identified easily, the CPE stamps are Imperf either top or bottom.

Leigh-Mardon                                                                                                                               CPE Australia




28 September 1988

Contains: 10 x 39c

Booklet Measures: 79mm x 60mm


The Harrison paper is easy to recognise looking from the gum side. It is very cream coloured compared to the whiter CPL paper.

There are also two versions of the CPL paper cover. The Kangaroo on one is much redder than the grey of the other. You can just make it out on the scans to the right, but much more obvious when held in the hand.

The stamps are Imperf either top or bottom.

Harrison Booklet, Cream paper
CPL Paper, Red Roo on Cover                                                                                                       CPL Paper, Grey Roo on Cover

Australian Crafts - 80c


28 September 1988

Contains: 1 x 2c & 2 x 39c

Booklet Measures: 78mm x 44mm


Eighth Sterner Booklet

Australian Crafts - $2.00


28 September 1988

Contains: 1 x 5c & 5 x 39c

Booklet Measures: 78mm x 44mm


Ninth Sterner Booklet

There are two more 39c stamps folded back under the other stamps

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