Thinking Of You 1



7 February 1990

Contains: 10 x 41c

Booklet Measures: 95mm x 52mm


The original stamps were Perf 13.85 x 13.33. When the booklet was re-issued with the 1 Koala symbol in the margin, the stamps were changed to Perf 14.56 x 14.40.

Original Print

1 Koala Reprint




27 August 1990

Contains: 10 x 43c

Booklet Measures: 77mm x 50mm
    With Hanger Tab:90mm x 50mm


The original issue of the Skateboarding booklet was predominately found with Full Perf both LHS & RHS, but a few were found to have Part Perf on the LHS. These are very scarce.

There were 4 reprints of the booklet, indicated by the 1 Koala through to 4 Koala in the margin selvedge.

With the first reprint, there was also a new style of booklet issued. This had an extension piece with a punched hanging slot to allow display in retail shops and Post Point Outlets. This extension is often referred to as the Hanger Tab.

The cover of this Hanger Tab was also different to the original. The $4.30 was in black instead of white. The reverse cover was also very different, see image at right.

The Hanger Tab booklet was only available with the 1 Koala or the 3 Koala. The 1 Koala was also available in both the Full Perf LHS and the Part Perf LHS.

Another variation was that each of the issues, from original through to the 4 Koala reprint, can be found with Normal Perf holes or Larger Perf holes. See images at right.

The inside cover for the Original through to the 2 Koala had a "Colonial Collection" advertisement. For the 3 & 4 Koala versions, this advertisement was replaced with a "Bush Nativity" advertisement.

Normal Booklet Front                                                                                                                                     Normal Booklet Back

Addition of the Hanger Tab. Note: Value now in black.

Back of the Hanger Tab Booklet.

Original Full Perf

Very Rare Original with Part Perf LHS

1 Koala Reprint (Full Perf LHS)                          1 Koala Reprint (Part Perf LHS)                                                      2 Koala Reprint                                              3 Koala Reprint      
 4 Koala Reprint                                                                                Small Perf Holes                                                          Large Perf Holes

Thinking Of You 2



3 September 1990

Contains: 10 x 43c

Booklet Measures: 95mm x 52mm


The second in the series of Thinking Of You booklets.

The issue was reprinted twice, 1 Koala and 2 Koala.

The Original issue had an advertisement for "The Colonial Collection" inside the cover, while the two reprints advertised "1990 Annual Collection Of Australian Stamps".

Each issue also included "Greetings" stickers. The Original had 10 stickers on a separate sheet, while the two reprints only had 8 and the backing paper for these was stuck to the inner cover.

The positioning of the 2 Koala symbols, varies from booklet to booklet. They can be seen hard up against the edge of the pane and as far in as 6.0mm from the edge. See some examples to the right.

Original Issue
1 Koala Reprint                                                                               2 Koala Reprint

Varying positions of the 2 Koala symbols.

Heidelberg & Heritage



3 September 1990

Contains: 1 x 28c, 4 x 43c

Booklet Measures: 78mm x 44mm


Eleventh Sterner Booklet


The original booklet was released with Perf 14.60 between the stamps.

There was a second version of the booklet released with a Perf of 15.50 between the stamps.

Both Perf versions of the booklet were available with an overprint for Norpex '91.

Original available in two Perf varieties.

Norpex '91 Overprint

Bush Nativity



31 October 1990

Contains: 10 x 38c

Booklet Measures: 93mm x 52mm


This Christmas 1990 booklet was overprinted for the Sydney Stamp and Coin Show held at the Sydney Town Hall.


Sydney Stamp and Coin Show Overprint

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