Thinking Of You 3



2 January 1992

Contains: 10 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 95mm x 52mm


The third rendition of the Thinking Of You Booklet series.

There were 5 reprints of this booklet, each showing from 1 Koala through to 1 Kangaroo.

The original and the 4 Koala reprint were on CPL unwatermarked white paper. All other reprints were on Harrison unwatermarked white paper.

This booklet was overprinted with "Australian Stamp Exhibition 1993 Taichung" in both English and Chinese. The lettering is in gold, see image bottom right. The overprint was only available on 2 Koala and 3 Koala reprints, with the 2 Koala version being very rare.

1 Koala Reprint                                                  2 Koala Reprint                                                     3 Koala Reprint                                              4 Koala Reprint

1 Kangaroo Reprint

Taichung Overprint on 2 & 3 Koala reprints.

Wetlands and Waterways



2 January 1992

Contains: 1 x 20c, 4 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 78mm x 44mm


Twelfth Sterner Booklet


This booklet was the 12th release of a Sterner Booklet.

There are three printings, the original, a 1 Koala reprint and a 2 Koala reprint. The original and 1 Koala reprint were Perfed 14.50, while the 2 Koala reprint was Perfed 13.88.

Two shades of the 45c stamp can be found on the original printing. The background water appears to be either bluish or purple.

The original print is also available with cream paper or white paper.

There were four official overprints applied to this booklet. They were the 7th National Philatelic Convention in Canberra (available on cream or white), the Philatelic Exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (available on cream, white or 1 Koala), Chicago World Stamp Expo (1 Koala only) and the Queensland Stamp and Coin Show 1994 (2 Koala only).

Three private overprints exist. They are Broncos Rugby League Winners 1992 (on original and 1 Koala), Broncos Rugby League Winners 1993 (also on original and 1 Koala), and Queensland Sheffield Shield Champions (only on 1 Koala and 2 Koala).



1 Koala Reprint

2 Koala Reprint
7th National Philatelic Convention in Canberra (Cream and White)                                                                    Brisbane Broncos 1992 (Original and 1 Koala)

Brisbane Broncos 1993 (Original and 1 Koala)                                                                        Kaohsiung Overprint (Cream, White and 1 Koala)

                       Chicago World Stamp Expo (1 Koala Only)                                                                        Queensland Sheffield Shield Champions (1 Koala and 2 Koala)

        Queensland Stamp & Coin Show 1994 (2 Koala Only)


Threatened Species



2 January 1992

Contains: 10 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 58mm x 77mm


This issue saw the first release of self adhesive, peel & stick stamps in a booklet.

This booklet was around for two years and during its time it saw five different covers. After the original print there were five reprints, finishing with the 1 Kangaroo 1 Koala reprint.

There were a couple of consistent print imperfections on this issue, one of the better known is the "Hyphen Between Threatened & Species" that occurred on the 2nd Bat stamp of the original issue. See illustration bottom right.

There were three official overprints on this issue. They were National Stamp Show 1992 Brisbane (only on the 1 Koala), Asian International Exhibition Kuala Lumpur 1993 (2 Koala) and Stamp Exhibition 1993 Taipei (4 Koala).

A private overprint was added to the National Stamp Show overprint, with the words ASDA Dinner.

The Castle Hill Stamp Club also did some overprints. They had Orange Blossom 1992 on the 1 Koala, and Orange Blossom 1993 on the 2 Koala and 3 Koala.

Other varieties include the Olympic Entry Form being brown under UV light, and also the stamps being printed on the backing paper. This means that when the stamp is removed, the adhesive is left on the booklet.

Original Issue                                                                         1, 2 & 3 Koala Reprint                                                                       4 Koala Reprint

1 Kangaroo Reprint                                                               1 Kangaroo 1 Koala Reprint

Original Issue

1 Koala Reprint

2 Koala Reprint

3 Koala Reprint

4 Koala Reprint

1 Kangaroo Reprint

1 Kangaroo 1 Koala Reprint

Hyphened Threatened Species

                  National Stamp Show 1992 Brisbane (1 Koala)                 ASDA Dinner National '92 Brisbane (1 Koala)               Asian International Exhibition Kuala Lumpur 1993 (2 Koala)

Stamp Exhibition 1993 Taipei (4 Koala)                                              Orange Blossom 1992 (1 Koala)                                              Orange Blossom 1993 (2 Koala & 3 Koala)

Christmas 1992



30 October 1992

Contains: 20 x 40c

Booklet Measures: 75mm x 88mm


The 1992 Christmas Booklet was issued in two versions. The bottom selvedge margin was either fully Perfed or completely Imperf.

There was also an overprint for the Sydney Stamp & Coin Show 1992, illustrated below. This overprint can be found in both bottom selvedge varieties.

A rare printing variety also exists in both selvedge versions. The small "tails" on the letters of "Christmas 1992" on the front cover are missing on the "t" and the "2" on a few issues. See the example bottom right with the effected letters highlighted by the red circles.

A rare private overprint exists with an ASDA Dinner overprint on both versions of the selvedge.

Full Perf Bottom Margin

Imperf Bottom Margin

Sydney Stamp Show 1992 Overprint                                                                                                           Missing "Tails" text variety

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