1 June 1993

Contains: 10 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 60mm x 97mm


The first issue for 1993 came in the form of scenic trains.

There were two official overprints. They are Asian International Philatelic Exhibition - Indopex '93 and Queensland Stamp Show '93 in Brisbane.

Two private overprints are available. They are Trains - Australian Railways Historical Society, and ASDA Countdown To Sydney Olympics 2000.


Asian International Indopex '93                                Queensland Stamp Show Brisbane '93
   TRAINS Australian Railways Historic Society                     ASDA Countdown To Sydney Olympics 2000




1 October 1993

Contains: 10 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 58mm x 77mm


This booklet was officially overprinted for the Sydney Stamp & Coin Show.

A private overprint was done by ASDA for their Christmas Dinner Dance.

This booklet also was the first of a very long running series of overprints done by SCDAA. This one had SCDAA Stamp Month 1993 (Series 1). It is a very rare overprint.














SCDAA Series 1


Sydney Stamp & Coin Show 1993                                        ASDA Christmas Dinner Dance 1993                                                        SCDAA Series 1


Christmas 1993



1 November 1993

Contains: 20 x 40c

Booklet Measures: 75mm x 88mm


The 1993 Christmas Booklet was issued in two versions. The bottom selvedge margin was either fully Perfed or completely Imperf.

The only overprint of this booklet was for the SCDAA Dinner (Series 2). The overprint can be found in both bottom selvedge varieties. This overprint is the rarest of all the SCDAA overprints. See image below.








































SCDAA Series 2

Full Perf Bottom Margin

Imperf Bottom Margin

SCDAA Series 2  (Perf & Imperf Bottom)

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