20 January 1994

Contains: 10 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 60mm x 97mm


The first issue for 1994 came in the form of Lifesaving.

There was one official overprint. This was the Newcastle Mini-National Exhibition.

Two private overprints are available. They are Orange Blossom Festival 1994, and 1994 Countdown To 2000 Sydney Olympics Games.


               Newcastle Mini-National Exhibition                                       Orange Blossom Festival '94                      Countdown To 2000 Sydney Olympic Games 1994  

Thinking Of You 4



3 February 1994

Contains: 10 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 52mm x 95mm


This booklet is the fourth edition in the Thinking Of You series.

There were two reprints of this booklet, a 1 Koala and a 2 Koala.

The original and 1st reprint were on Harrison paper, while the 2nd reprint is on CPL paper.

There are two official overprints, the first for the Melbourne Stamp & Coin Show and the second for the Canberra Stamp Show.

The Boonah Rotary Club did a private overprint to celebrate 50 Years Of Service. This overprint is available on all three printings, with the 1 Koala version being the scarcest.



Original Print

1 Koala Reprint

2 Koala Reprint

Melbourne Stamp & Coin Show 1994                                   Canberra Stamp Show 1994                                   Rotary Club Of Boonah 50 Years
                                                                                                                                                                                       Original, 1 Koala & 2 Koala


Koalas and Kangaroos Wildlife



12 May 1994

Contains: 10 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 58mm x 78mm


This booklet was around for three years and during its life it saw eight reprints, more than any other booklet has ever had.

The reprints go from 1 Koala up to 1 Kangaroo and 3 Koalas.

There were two additional variations of the cover also used. The first cover was used for the original and the 1, 2 & 3 Koala reprints. The second cover added a Bookabout panel and this was used for all remaining reprints except the 1 Kangaroo. It had its own cover with the Bookabout replaced with an Atlanta Olympics message.

There was one official overprint for this booklet. It was for the 1996 Canberra Stamp  Show.

A private overprint for the 1994 Petersham Fair was the third in the SCDAA series. This was available on the original print only.

It is interesting to note that the last two reprints did not have the circular die-cut for hanging on display racks at Australia Post Shops.
























































































SCDAA Series 3


















Original, 1, 2 & 3 Koala                              4 Koala, 1 Roo 1 Koala, 1 Roo 2 Koala & 1 Roo 3 Koala                                         1 Kangaroo Only


Original Print

1 Koala Reprint

2 Koala Reprint

3 Koala Reprint

4 Koala Reprint

1 Kangaroo Reprint

1 Kangaroo 1 Koala Reprint

1 Kangaroo 2 Koala Reprint

1 Kangaroo 3 Koala Reprint

Canberra Stamp Show 1996                                                         SCDAA Series 3





28 September 1994

Contains: 10 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 58mm x 77mm


Three private overprints are available. They are ASDA Dealers Dinner, Fisher's Ghost Festival and SCDAA Christmas Dinner Series 4.
















SCDAA Series 4


ASDA Dealers Dinner                                                       Fisher's Ghost Festival                                                               SCDAA Series 4

Christmas 1994



31 October 1994

Contains: 20 x 40c

Booklet Measures: 75mm x 88mm


The 1994 Christmas Booklet was issued in two versions. The bottom selvedge margin was either fully Perfed or completely Imperf.

Full Perf Bottom Margin

Imperf Bottom Margin

Advance Bank ATM



2 November 1994

Contains: 20 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 83mm x 165mm


In 1994 the Advance Bank worked with Australia Post to produce a stamp booklet that could be dispensed from an ATM.

On the ATM there was a selection button that chose stamps instead of notes.

The booklet is dispensed flat but can be folded by removing perforated strips.

During testing stages there was a trial booklet produced. It was used by engineers and looked the same as the original printing, except that the kangaroos on the stamps were facing to the left instead of the right. There are also thin blue lines through each stamp. The background colours also vary to the released version.

A reprint of the booklet was produced with a completely different cover, but the the stamp side was the same.

Three private overprints exist. ASDA Queensland 21 Years Of Service, Stampex South Australia 2003, and Salisbury 2009.

Original Printing                                                            Reprint                                                                      Inside

Trial Printing (Note Kangaroos Face Left             ASDA Queensland 21 Years Of Service                Stampex South Australia 2003                                       Salisbury 2009                      
and have blue lines through stamps)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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