Endeavour Replica



9 February 1995

Contains: 1 x 20c, 4 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 78mm x 44mm


The first issue for 1995 was for the Endeavour Replica.

This was the thirteenth Sterner booklet and was the only Sterner booklet to have the same design of stamp as was available in sheet format.

There are six known private overprints of this booklet. They are 50th Anniversary Illawarra Philatelic Society, Queensland ASDA 21st Anniversary Dinner, Caloundra Cut Price Coins, Warwick Rotary District Conference, Congress 2000 (available in red, blue & green overprints) and the 15th Anniversary Armadale / Kelmscott.


Thirteenth Sterner Booklet


               Illawarra Philatelic Society 50th Anniversary                                                                                               Queensland ASDA 21st Anniversary Dinner

Caloundra Cut Price Coins                                                                                                    Warwick Rotary District Conference

Congress 2000 (Red)                                                                                                                      Congress 2000 (Blue)

                       Congress 2000 (Green)                                                                                          Armadale-Kelmscott Philatelic Society 15th Anniversary

Australia Remembers



20 April 1995

Contains: 10 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 60mm x 97mm


The only private overprint of this booklet was the ASDA Countdown to the Sydney Olympics 2000.


1995 ASDA Countdown To Sydney Olympics 2000

Centenary Of Cinema



8 June 1995

Contains: 10 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 60mm x 97mm


There was one official overprint for this booklet. It was for the 1995 Queensland  Stamp and Coin Show.

A private overprint for the 1995 Petersham Fair was the fifth in the SCDAA series.


















SCDAA Series 5


Queensland Stamp and Coin Show 1995                                                  SCDAA Series 5                                                               Double Overprint                   

World Down Under



3 October 1995

Contains: 10 x 45c

Booklet Measures: 60mm x 97mm


There was one official overprint for this booklet. It was for the 1995 Sydney Centrepoint Stamp Show.

A private overprint for the SCDAA Christmas Dinner was the sixth in the SCDAA series.


















SCDAA Series 6


Sydney Centrepoint Stamp Show                                                               SCDAA Series 6             

Christmas 1995



1 November 1995

Contains: 20 x 40c

Booklet Measures: 60mm x 129mm


The 1995 Christmas Booklet was issued in two versions. The first had a BP advertisement on the reverse, while the second had an Australia Post advertisement on the reverse.

When unfolded, there were 20 similar stamps. The image below right shows the booklet partially unfolded to show the "card only" stickers that were on the inside cover.

There were no overprints done on this booklet.

BP Advertisement

Australia Post Advertisement

Indonesia - Australia Joint Issue


22 March 1996

3,000 Rupiah

Contains: 10 x 300 Rupiah

Booklet Measures: 83mm x 111mm


In March 1996 there was a joint issue of stamps with Indonesia. Whilst no booklet was produced containing Australian stamps, there was a booklet produced in Indonesia containing only Indonesian joint issue stamps.

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