New Zealand
Stamp Errors

1967 Pictorials


1967 1/2c Manuka

OD1a      Normal OD1a(?)      5.5mm Upward Red Colour Shift   ($400)

1967 1c Karaka

W9a (OD2a)      Normal Booklet Pane W9a(u) Trial (OD2a)      Proof Colour Trial   ($1,000)

1967 2c Kowhai-Ngutu-Kaka

OD3a?      Carmine-Red Omitted for 5mm in centre pair.  ($500)

1967 2 1/2c Kowhai

OD4a(y)      Deep Blue Omitted  ($6,000)
OD4a(v)      Pair Imperforate  ($650)

1967 3c Puarangi

OD5a(?)      Major Perforation Shift To The Left  ($350)

1967 20c Maori Rock Drawing

OD13a(z)      Buff Colour Omitted in strip ($4,000)
Row 2, 3 & 4 of one sheet were affected with this error. Row 2 has a small line of buff still evident. Row 3 is completely missing buff, although some traces of buff can be seen under magnification. Row 4 is slightly affected along the top. There are only 10 examples showing complete missing buff from this sheet.

1967 10c Timber Industry & 50c Sutherland Falls

OD11a      Large Green Ink Splash  ($75) OD16a      Large Green Ink Splash  ($200)

1967 $1 Tasman Glacier

OD17a(y)      Block Of 4 Top Selvedge Perf & Double Perf Between   ($600)

1968 28c Fox Glacier

OD27a(y)      Yellow Colour Omitted on stamps 1 to 4 with stamp 5 being normal   ($16,000)


New Zealand Stamp Errors