New Zealand
Stamp Errors

1970 Pictorials


1/2c Glade Copper Butterfly

P1a      Normal P1a(x)      All Colours Offset   ($500)
P2c      Normal P2c(y)      Blue Omitted   ($300) P2c(x)      Red Omitted   ($550)
P2c(u)      Brown and Major Red Colour Shifts, block of 4   ($975) P2c(u)      Major Red Colour Shift, block of 4   ($975)

P2c(??)      Vermillion Offset on Coil Strip Of 7 and Paper Join Visible On Reverse Right Hand Stamp   ($700)

2c Tussock Butterfly

P3b      Normal P3b(y)      Yellow Offset On Back   ($175)
P3b(x)      Black Omitted   ($500) P3b(v)      Major Purple-Brown Shift   ($175)
P3b(v)      Major Purple-Brown Shift Plate Block  ($2,000)

3c Lichen Moth

P5a(z)      Partial Double Perforations with Selvedge   ($150)

4c on 2 1/2c Magpie Moth

P30a(z)      Overprint offset by one stamp. Note Bars in Top Selvedge.
P30a(z)      Overprint offset by one stamp. Note Bars & 4c Missing On Bottom Stamp.   ($1,000)
P30a(t)      Massive Surcharge Shift   ($250) P30b(w)      Double Surcharge, both are strong   ($500)
P30a(y)      Red Colour Almost Totally Missing   ($400) P30b(v)      Surcharge offset on back   ($250)

P30b(s)      Double Surcharge, one is Albino, block of 4   ($800)    (Hard to see in scan)

4c Puriri Moth

P6c      Normal P6c(z)      Dark Green Wing Veins Omitted   ($10)
P6c(y)      Light Green Omitted   ($400) P6c(x)      Purple-Brown Omitted   ($400)
P6c(w)      Blue Omitted   ($475) P6c(v)      Yellow Omitted   ($750)
P6c(t)      Dark Green Wing Veins Inverted (from Booklets)   ($3,000) P6c      5mm Light Green Shift & 10mm Dark Green Shift   ($275)
P6c(s)      Full Double Perforations in Plate Block   ($600)
P6c(za)      Dark Green Wing Veins Omitted in Plate Block 1B1B1B1B1B, note only 4 1B's showing instead of 5   ($350)
P6c(ka)      Major Yellow colour shift, vertical pair with top selvedge showing "4c".   ($1,600) P6c(??)      Major colour shifts, Brown down 1mm, Blue down 1.5mm and right 3mm   ($600)

6c Sea Horse

P8b      Normal P8b(w)      Olive Omitted   ($450)

7c Leather Jacket

P9b      Normal P9b(w)      Major Brown Colour Shift with Paper Crease   ($700)
P9b(x)      Major Shift Of Yellow Colour to the right, Joined Pair   ($200) P9b(y)      Black Colour omitted with normal, joined pair   ($1,050)
P9b(x)      Major Shift Of Yellow Colour to the right, Block of 4   ($400) P9b(x)      Major Shift Of Yellow Colour to the right and down, Block of 4   ($400)
P9b(w)      Major Brown Colour Shift down and right  ($175) P9b(z)      Double Perforation   ($525)
P9b(x)      Major Shift Of Yellow Colour to the right and up, Block of 10   ($800)

7 1/2c Garfish

P10a      Normal P10a(z)      All Colours Offset On Back   ($600)

8c John Dory

P11b      Normal P11b(w)      Ochre Colour Missing   ($100)
P11b(x)      Blue-Green Colour Missing   ($600) P11b(u)      Black Shift down   ($250)
P11b(u)      Black Shift up   ($250) P11b(?)      Brown Shift   ($600)
P11a(z)      Double Paper (Reel Join)   ($1,000)

10c Royal Stamp (Coat Of Arms)

P12b      Normal P12b(z)      Rosine Omitted   ($150)
P12b(x)      Deep Blue Omitted   ($550) P12b(w)      Silver Omitted   ($300)
P12b(v)      Light Blue Omitted   ($1,000) P12b(u)      Silver Offset On Back   ($130)
P12b(p)      Perforation Misplacement   ($150) P12b(o)      Deep Blue Offset On Back   ($100)
P12b      Light Blue Shift to the Right   ($40) P12b      Red Shift Down   ($30)
P12b(q)      Red Offset On Back   ($30) P12b      Silver Shift Down   ($250)
P12a      Top Selvedge Block Of 9 Paper Fold Variety   ($350)
P12b      Guillotine Error Block Of 10 With Unprinted Pair At Top With Major Diagonal Paper Fold   ($675)
P12b      Vertical Strip Of 10 Showing 10c Offset On Back Of 8 Stamps   ($500)
P12b      Vertical Strip Of 10 Showing Silver Missing On Top Stamp and Partial Missing On 2nd   ($500)

18c Maori Club

P14b      Normal P14b(u)      Black and Brown Colours Offset On Back   ($950)
P14b(x)      Black Colour Omitted   ($1,200) P14b(y)      Major Black Colour Shift   ($350)

20c Maori Tattoo Pattern

P15b      Normal P15b(x)      Major (7mm) Black Colour Shift   ($200)
P15b(x)      Major (5mm) Black Colour Shift   ($180) P15b(x)      Major (7.5mm) Black Colour Shift   ($800)

50c Able Tasman National Park

P19a      Normal P19a(z)1      Pale Green Omitted (2nd Printing)   ($200)
P19a(z)2      Pale Green Omitted (3rd Printing)   ($50) P19a(y)      Pinkish Buff Omitted   ($75)
P19a(v)      Dark Green Omitted   ($1,000) P19a(u)      Dark Green Shifted Upwards   ($300)
P19a(x)      Double Perforations   ($250)


New Zealand Stamp Errors