New Zealand
Stamp Errors

1970 Pictorials


1/2c Glade Copper Butterfly

P1a      Normal P1a(x)      All Colours Offset   ($500)
P2c      Normal P2c(y)      Blue Omitted   ($300) P2c(x)      Red Omitted   ($600)
P2c(u)      Brown and Major Red Colour Shifts, block of 4   ($975) P2c(u)      Major Red Colour Shift, block of 4   ($975)

P2c(??)      Vermillion Offset on Coil Strip Of 7 and Paper Join Visible On Reverse Right Hand Stamp   ($700)

2c Tussock Butterfly

P3b      Normal P3b(y)      Yellow Offset On Back   ($175)
P3b(x)      Black Omitted   ($500) P3b(v)      Major Purple-Brown Shift   ($175)
P3b(v)      Major Purple-Brown Shift Plate Block  ($2,000)

3c Lichen Moth

P5a(z)      Partial Double Perforations with Selvedge   ($150)

4c on 2 1/2c Magpie Moth

P30a(z)      Overprint offset by one stamp. Note Bars in Top Selvedge.
P30a(z)      Overprint offset by one stamp. Note Bars & 4c Missing On Bottom Stamp.   ($1,000)
P30a(t)      Massive Surcharge Shift   ($250) P30b(w)      Double Surcharge, both are strong   ($500)
P30a(y)      Red Colour Almost Totally Missing   ($400) P30b(v)      Surcharge offset on back   ($250)

P30b(s)      Double Surcharge, one is Albino, block of 4   ($800)    (Hard to see in scan)

4c Puriri Moth

P6c      Normal P6c(z)      Dark Green Wing Veins Omitted   ($10)
P6c(y)      Light Green Omitted   ($400) P6c(x)      Purple-Brown Omitted   ($400)
P6c(w)      Blue Omitted   ($475) P6c(v)      Yellow Omitted   ($750)
P6c(t)      Dark Green Wing Veins Inverted (from Booklets)   ($3,000) P6c      5mm Light Green Shift & 10mm Dark Green Shift   ($275)
Dark Green Colour Bar Missing
in Selvedge
P6c(s)      Full Double Perforations in Plate Block   ($600)
P6c(za)      Dark Green Wing Veins Omitted in Plate Block 1B1B1B1B1B, note only 4 1B's showing instead of 5   ($350)
P6c(ka)      Major Yellow colour shift, vertical pair with top selvedge showing "4c".   ($1,600) P6c(??)      Major colour shifts, Brown down 1mm, Blue down 1.5mm and right 3mm   ($600)

6c Sea Horse

P8b      Normal P8b(w)      Olive Omitted   ($450)

7c Leather Jacket

P9b      Normal P9b(w)      Major Brown Colour Shift with Paper Crease   ($700)
P9b(x)      Major Shift Of Yellow Colour to the right, Joined Pair   ($200) P9b(y)      Black Colour omitted with normal, joined pair   ($1,050)
P9b(x)      Major Shift Of Yellow Colour to the right, Block of 4   ($400) P9b(x)      Major Shift Of Yellow Colour to the right and down, Block of 4   ($400)
P9b(w)      Major Brown Colour Shift down and right  ($175) P9b(z)      Double Perforation   ($525)
P9b(x)      Major Shift Of Yellow Colour to the right and up, Block of 10   ($800)

7 1/2c Garfish

P10a      Normal P10a(z)      All Colours Offset On Back   ($600)
P10a?      Brown Colour Shift Upwards 4mm  ($150)

8c John Dory

P11b      Normal P11b(w)      Chestnut Colour Missing   ($100)
P11b(x)      Blue-Green Colour Missing   ($600) P11b(u)      Black Shift down   ($250)
P11b(u)      Black Shift up   ($250) P11b(?)      Brown Shift   ($600)
P11a(z)      Double Paper (Reel Join)   ($1,000)

10c Royal Stamp (Coat Of Arms)

P12b      Normal P12b(z)      Rosine Omitted   ($150)
P12b(x)      Deep Blue Omitted   ($550) P12b(w)      Silver Omitted   ($300)
P12b(v)      Light Blue Omitted   ($1,000) P12b(u)      Silver Offset On Back   ($130)
P12b(p)      Perforation Misplacement   ($150) P12b(o)      Deep Blue Offset On Back   ($100)
P12b      Light Blue Shift to the Right   ($40) P12b      Red Shift Down   ($30)
P12b(q)      Red Offset On Back   ($30) P12b      Silver Shift Down   ($250)
P12a      Top Selvedge Block Of 9 Paper Fold Variety   ($350)
P12b      Guillotine Error Block Of 10 With Unprinted Pair At Top With Major Diagonal Paper Fold   ($675)
P12b      Vertical Strip Of 10 Showing 10c Offset On Back Of 8 Stamps   ($500)
P12b      Vertical Strip Of 10 Showing Silver Missing On Top Stamp and Partial Missing On 2nd   ($500)

15c Maori Fish Hook

P13a(y)      Pale Chestnut Omitted.   ($4,500)
13 stamps from the lower left of one sheet were affected. Most of those 13 have a light inverted impression
of the colour, as seen on the right most stamp. The two before it are completely missing.

18c Maori Club

P14b      Normal P14b(u)      Black and Brown Colours Offset On Back   ($750)
P14b(x)      Black Colour Omitted   ($1,200) P14b(y)      Major Black Colour Shift   ($350)

20c Maori Tattoo Pattern

P15b      Normal P15b(x)      Major (7mm) Black Colour Shift   ($200)
P15b(x)      Major (5mm) Black Colour Shift   ($180) P15b(x)      Major (7.5mm) Black Colour Shift   ($800)
P15b(z)      Black Colour Omitted plus Partial Black Omitted   ($2,500)

50c Able Tasman National Park

P19a      Normal P19a(z)1      Pale Green Omitted (2nd Printing)   ($200)
P19a(z)2      Pale Green Omitted (3rd Printing)   ($50) P19a(y)      Pinkish Buff Omitted   ($75)
P19a(v)      Dark Green Omitted   ($1,000) P19a(u)      Dark Green Shifted Upwards   ($300)
P19a(x)      Double Perforations   ($250)


New Zealand Stamp Errors